Thursday, December 07, 2017

Reader's Diary #1678- Sarah Anderson: Adulthood is a Myth

Continuing with my self-guided education of webcomics, Sarah Andersen's Adulthood is a Myth began life which began online as Sarah's Scribbles saw me laughing out loud late one night all by myself. Why is it that doing so instantly makes you feel pathetic? Like there's a shame in laughing?

In any case, Andersen's brand of introspective, self-deprecating, observational humour is right up my alley. Sure many of her cartoons are about being a millennial and menstruation, neither of which I can relate to, I definitely saw myself in the rest of these: the imposter syndrome! the social anxiety! the insecurities! Sounds like a downer, doesn't it? But no, it's all done in a friendly laughter-as-therapy sort of way, a solace-in-the-fact-that-others-feel-the-same approach.

Even the cartoons that would otherwise be just mildly amusing are elevated to hilarious in the simple but expressive cartooning. Andersen accomplishes so much just with eyes alone: altering the size of pupils, a few stress lines here or there, and so on, all to comedic and satirical effect.

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