Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Reader's Diary #1683- Jacques de Pierpont (writer), Hervé Bourhis (artist): Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal was my first music love. So, when I found this "Little Book of Knowledge" on the subject, I had high hopes that Jacques de Pierpont and Hervé Bourhis would do for the genre what Ed Piskor did for Hip Hop. I also hadn't been really attentive to heavy metal for sometime now and so I was hoping that it would help me get caught up.

First off, it's not as readable as Piskor's books which tend to treat hip hop legends almost as story characters. Heavy Metal is more like a chronologically arranged book of heavy metal trivia. As luck would have it, I'm also a fan of trivia so this wasn't a huge problem.

Secondly, a large portion of the book dealt with the history of the music and so I didn't necessarily brush up on as many new artists as I'd hoped. Still, it was nice to revisit some facts and figures that I'd forgotten and I did get a few new names and songs to add to my playlists. I also never really paid much attention to anything heavier than thrash and de Pierpont more than adequately delved into death, black, and doom metal.

Bourhis's illustrations were good; stylistic, heavy on the black ink (appropriate), though without much of a narrative, it's hard to say how he'd deal with sequential art.

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