Thursday, December 14, 2017

Reader's Diary #1685- Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig (writers), various artists: The Shield Daughter of the Revolution

Archie Comics, still on a high, have wisely decided to revisit the superhero line (published under their Dark Circle label). Also wise is their decision to modernize and take the opportunity to get things right.

The Shield was one of the cheesier properties with its over-the-top patriotism. That's not a huge hurdle to clear as Marvel has managed to keep Captain America relevant and as popular as ever. But he was also yet another straight, white male character. With this relaunch they at least change one of those. This time the Shield is female. She's still white. Her sexuality didn't come up.

Revamping a character also requires an origin story and while I've never been one to mind a good origin tale, I know some folks are tired of them and I think even they would be pleased with how it's handled here. Rather than told in a straightforward manner, a modern day Shield finds herself having bizarre flashbacks to the American Revolution. She knows this is impossible (or believes so anyway) and so her origin story is revealed slowly as she pieces clues together and starts reclaiming more and more memories.

Even the patriotic angle is well done as it is unclear at some points who's side she is on and whether or not flag-waving for the American government makes her a hero.

Despite wrestling with her identity, she is presented as both physically and mentally strong and dressed in a cool uniform that is appropriate for fighting.

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