Sunday, December 17, 2017

Reader's Diary #1688- Fran Krause: The Creeps

Fran Krause's The Creeps is the Boaty McBoatface of comics.

Apparently readers submitted their fears to his website and he illustrated them. Sounds more promising than the results which were, quite frankly boring. Not scary, not funny.

The packaging didn't help. The publishers never took the time to really explain the process at all. In the back couple of pages Krause thanks those that shared their stories with him and gives credit to them by first name (though most are chalked up to "anonymous"). The fact that this was based on a webcomic and fears were submitted online isn't mentioned directly, not explained, just assuming I suppose that anyone bothering the read the book would know. Likewise, there's nothing stating that this was the 2nd volume of such books. How hard would it have been to include a proper introduction? Something other than than the short comic that merely, and incorrectly states the book will creep you out.

And the comics are just randomly assigned. Some fears are physical, realistic fears, some are existential, some are just bizarre and perhaps organizing them by such (or other) topics would have guided the reading a little, but it's like no one could bothered. Even Krause's style, which is pleasant and quirky enough, doesn't really add anything to the text. I found myself reading the fears and moving on, forgetting to even bother looking at the images.

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