Thursday, December 21, 2017

Reader's Diary #1692- Doug Wagner (writer), Daniel Hillyard (artist): Plastic

Imagine Dexter but with schizophrenia and then ramp up the dark comedy and you'd have an idea of what Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard's Plastic is like.

The plot revolves around a retired serial killer named Edwyn; retired as he has fallen in love with Virginia, a sex doll, who has subdued his violent appetites. This twisted serenity does not last however as Virginia is kidnapped and Edwyn is forced into becoming a hit man in order to get her back. Other characters include a dead mother, a dead police officer, and a runaway sexual assault victim who may or may not still be in a state of shock.

It's violent, and over the-top-violent, but even then the story comes first in one scene, for instance, a murder is "off-screen" as it works best in that case for readers to imagine what they will.

If you are not put off by dark comedy, Plastic is inventive and wildly entertaining. The art too is great, reminiscent of old horror comics like Tales from the Crypt and coloured in wonderful mood settings by Laura Martin.

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