Saturday, December 23, 2017

Reader's Diary #1693- Emma Jacobs (editor): Vinyl Me, Please

Vinyl Me, Please, subtitled 100 Albums You Need in Your Collection would make a great gift for the record collectors in your life. I started collecting vinyl a couple of years ago and have quite enjoyed the hobby. I'm not a big audiophile in the sense that I hear much of a difference between vinyl and say an mp3 (though I can on some!) and my love comes more from the product itself, but that's neither here nor there.

I keep a running list of must-haves that I've been whittling away at and the book only managed to add 3 new additional which doesn't sound like a good track record but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy reading about the albums recommended here and indeed, I owned some of them already (granted only 6 which also isn't a good ratio) and still others had already been included to my list.

With 24 music writers representing a great variety of musical tastes, it's a bit of an eclectic though rock runs largest. Therefore, genres like punk, metal, jazz, and hip hop are a little more scant. Country fares even worse. However, it still provides some good starting points.

A nice feature, though not employed often enough, is cocktail recipes to accompany some albums. I sadly didn't get to try any yet as mostly required liqueurs absent from my embarrassing excuse for a liquor cabinet.

A few negatives besides too few cocktail ideas: not enough background info on albums (the year it was first released, the track listings) and occasionally they seemed to intentionally veer from the obvious choice just for that reason even when the obvious was clearly more deserving (e.g., Sign O' The Times over Purple Rain or Amnesiac over OK Computer), but these issues are minor.

The contributors' love for these records shone through and even if I wasn't often able to drop a needle and listen along, I felt like I did vicariously.

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