Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The 2017 Book Mine Set Short Story Online Anthology

Another 52 weeks, another 52 short stories found for free and online. The links below offer my thoughts on each story and embedded in each of those posts you'll find links to the stories themselves. Though I've ranked them from least to most favourite, few were the stories I didn't enjoy at all.  My number one pick might cause a few groans as people tend to turn on stuff that gets too popular as this one surely did. But a good story's a good story.

52. Sevim Ak "Moving to a New House"
51. Björnstjerne Björnson "The Father"
50. Bruce Handy "The Year in Internet Memes and Social-Media Obsessions"
49. Barry Rosen "A Visit to Tim Horton's"
48. Mary Hallock Foote "A Cloud on the Mountain"
47. Lucy Clifford "The New Mother"
46. Linda Ferguson "This Heady Thing Called Love"
45. Mohamed El-Bisatie "A Conversation from the Third Floor"
44. Mikhail P. Artzybashev "The Revolutionist"
43. D.C. Archibald "Down the Line"
42. Lin Jenkinson "Transformation"
41. Peter Jordan "Broody"
40. Robin Quackenbush "The Oak and the Willow"
39. Eileen Register "The Hurricane
38. Ed Lately "Remain"
37. Madeleine Thien "10^80 Pieces"
36. Astrid Lindgren "Pomperipossa in Monismania"
35. Nicole Mullen "Read This If Your Child Was Eaten By a Pelican"
34. Mary E. Wilkins Freeman "A Stolen Christmas"
33. Karen Ovér "Lazlo and Laroux"
32. Mary Wilkins Freeman "Luella Miller"
31. Destiny West "The Forgotten"
30. Jaume Cabré "Pandora"
29. Frank Westcott "Oh, Oh Henry"
28. Jan Kaneen "Breaking Windows"
27. Devon Balwit "Down the Road"
26. Robert E. Howard "Pigeons from Hell"
25. April White "Luck and the Long Dark"
24. Doug Patrick "The Playground with Dad"
23. Tamar Merin "What You Looking At?"
22. Terri-Lynn Quewezance "Wapihti"
21. Diego Vecchio "The Tobacco Man"
20. Ted Chiang "The Truth of Fact, The Truth of Feeling"
19. Mezbauddin Mahtab "A Little Early Story"
18. Barbara Honigmann "Double Grave"
17. Tiana Reid "Stories From Saint-Martin"
16. Anna Paquier "A Potted Cactus"
15. Lauren Schenkman "The Removal"
14. Erin MacNair "Thin Crust"
13. Laolu Poe Alani "Adéláìdé"
12. Erskine Caldwell "Kneel to the Rising Sun"
11. Austin Bunn "The End of the Age is Upon Us" 
The TOP 10!
10. Donald Hubbard "Meat Shop"
9. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie "The Arrangements"
8. Kate Reuther "A Man Walks Into a Bar"
7. Heikki Hietala "Lord Stanton's Horse"
6. Gina Balibrera "Álvaro"
5. Sarah Selecky "The Cat"
4. Aruna Harjani "The Tour Guide"
3. Mensje van Keulen "Sand"
2. Chika Unigwe "The Smell of Home"
1. Kristen Roupenian "Cat Person"

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