Friday, January 05, 2018

Reader's Diary #1699- R. Sikoryak: The Unquotable Trump

It's hard not to just repeat what every other reviewer of R. Sikoryak's The Unquotable Trump has said: it's simultaneously funny and sad/scary.

Many said that Obama was hard to satirize as he was pretty normal and besides for in the eyes of a few ignorant racists, not all that controversial. Trump, on the other hand, should be a gold mine. He's crazy as a loon, dumb as a stump, and has the vain self-interest of a cartoon super-villain. The problem, I think, is that we fear we're making light of him and the gravity of the situation when we mock. Not taking him serious is arguably what got the U.S. (and the world at large) in this mess to begin with.

Nonetheless, satire continues to play an important role in difficult times in both uplifting us with humour and in pointing out the imperfections, however many and obvious, in the supposed leaders.

Sikoryak knew that there was no need to make up stupid quotes for Trump. Instead, he just cherry picked a small sampling and threw illustrations around them. The illustrations in this case are parodies of famous comic book covers throughout history.He's done this gimmick before, most recently and notably with his adaptation of Apple's Terms and Conditions. To be clear, Terms and Conditions is the superior piece of art and it was obvious that he'd put more work into that earlier project. Rather than covers, it had full spreads of panels, and the book was quite longer. Still, fans of comics and of Sikoryak's ability to imitate so many signature styles will once again appreciate The Unquotable Trump.

Will it make a difference in the long run in ousting this human garbage from the presidency? By itself, probably not, but hopefully it inspires many other voices and actions. Together, it has to help.

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