Sunday, January 07, 2018

Reader's Diary #1701- Tillie Walden: Spinning

Readers love to cite research that suggests that fiction readers tend to be more empathetic, attributing the finding to being more attuned to different perspectives. I'm a little more cautious with the idea, believing that that's only true if one actually reads about different perspectives.

I'll gloat as a reader now though because Tillie Walden's Spinning couldn't be much further from my own story. A young, female lesbian figure skater from Texas? Nah, I cannot relate. But that's not important. I can, nonetheless, relate to loneliness, imposter syndrome, growing out of childhood passions, confusion, love, and all that stuff that unites us as human beings.

It's an introspective book that doesn't feel self-indulgent. Walden herself acknowledges in a note at the end that she wasn't even sure what the book was about (though she usually says just "skating") but despite not having a singular theme or defined focus its a beautiful portrait of a real person growing up: no rose-coloured glasses, no hyperbole, but some impressive axels along the way.

Like the writing itself, the art is typically simple and subdued but curiously poignant at the same time.

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Buried In Print said...

I'm looking forward to this one as well. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.