Monday, January 08, 2018

Reader's Diary #1702- Leo Tolstoy: Too Dear!

Not so much a resolution, but I've decided in 2017 to take a break from volunteering. This sounds terrible, I know, but rest assured I still believe volunteerism is important and it's only a temporary break. I've found, however, that with my current workload and family commitments, I've not been doing an adequate job on the volunteer front and so, it's time to step aside.

One thing I will not miss, however, is committee work or more precisely, decision by committee. Again, I get why this is important and no one likes a dictator, but yeah, the process, the length, the bickering of minute details, the dominance of certain personalities, etc can drive me nuts. Leo Tolstoy's "Too Dear!" set in Monaco does a pretty good job of satirizing that. I suppose it would be funny if it didn't touch too directly on my current nerves. I will say that I did find that while it reminded me somewhat of Joseph Heller's Catch-22 it was far less annoying.

There's also a pretty interesting message in here about how one's fate, one's access to justice can be largely out of his control and determined by economic factors and convenience.

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