Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Reader's Diary #1711- Various artists and writers: Native American Classics

Native American Classics is a collection of (mostly) older stories and poems by indigenous North Americans illustrated into a comics format.

One aspect I cannot comment on, of course, is the fairness and accuracy of this compilation in terms of the various indigenous cultures they represent. I will instead point you to Beverly Slapin's (much more thorough) review of the book here.  The only disclaimer I'll make is that the creators of this book (who, according the biographies at the back, are also of indigenous heritage) would probably beg to differ on some of her points.

I can comment on my enjoyment of the book and by and large, I did. There were a variety of themes and tones, ranging from the serious to more light-hearted. The art was mostly good, though (as Slapin also points out) in one or two instances didn't always seem to match the tone, or even details, of the stories.

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