Monday, January 29, 2018

Reader's Diary #1720- Linh Nguyen: Down Feathers

Someone I follow on Twitter recently announced, somewhat smugly I thought, that they wouldn't be lying to their kids about Santa Claus. Fine if Christmas isn't part of your cultural practices, but the implication here was that parents who do so are evil. It's not the first time I came across such an idea. A friend I met sometime back also boasted about not doing the whole Santa thing, stating how traumatic it was when she found out her parents had been lying. Please. This cheapens the very idea of trauma.

To me it's a part of the magic, it's permission and support of childhood imagination. Which brings me to Linh Nguyen's beautiful short story "Down Feathers." It revels in fairy tales and stories and imagined locales and adventure. It's about the awakening of a child's fantasies and the few adults who manage to hang on.

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