Friday, February 09, 2018

Reader's Diary #1728- Dan Slott (writer), Michael Allred (artist): Silver Surfer New Dawn 1

Last year I heard a lot about how emotional Dan Slott's latest Silver Surfer arc had been making fans and I was intrigued to say the least. However, I then discovered that he first started his run with the character back in 2014 and, not one who likes to jump in at the middle if I can help it, decided to start there.

I wouldn't say this first arc was overly emotional unless you count amusement, and really, why not? I'm still learning my way around the Silver Surfer character but from what I can tell his stories are meant to embrace campy, psychedelic 60s sci-fi. At least this is what Slott and Allred bring to the table and bring it marvelously.

A silver humanoid character that rides throughout space on a surfboard is, of course, a ridiculous idea. If that isn't acknowledged and embraced upfront the whole thing falls apart. In the New Dawn trade, it is certainly acknowledged and embraced. Characters questions are typically met with "because cosmic power"  or in other words, it's a Marvel comic, just go with it. That's when questions are asked at all. At one point Silver Surfer looks at a bunch of humans who aren't asking more questions and says, really, you're just going to accept this? They respond by stating that their whole world is dominated by bizarre and confusing superheroes and they've largely just come to accept things the way they are. Fair point.

Further playing with the ludicrous nature, Silver Surfer is most often a serious character, making him either the essential straight-man to bounce one-liners off, or else making his occasional joke even more amusing.

(This all said, I do hope to find it explained in some Marvel comic why there are so many humanoid aliens and why so many communicate in English.)

The art perfectly complements the tone with 60s homages (including pseudo-Ben Day dots) and bright colours by Laura Allred. 

Finally, it's a wonderful arc introducing and well-developing the Dawn character and planting the seeds for a most interesting relationship with Silver Surfer. If this particular volume wasn't necessarily big on the feels, I can definitely see them coming.

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