Saturday, February 24, 2018

Reader's Diary #1743- James Robinson (writer), ACO (artist): Nick Fury Deep-Cover Capers

Anyone comparing the Nick Fury of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Nick Fury of older Marvel comics may have been a little confused. Most notably, the original was white, and Samuel L. Jackson is clearly not. The original also had hair.

In more recent years the comics version has come to more or less resemble the big screen version. I didn't particularly care one way or the other and I assumed they just switched it. It turns out however that the blacker, balder version is meant to be the son of the original, a junior Nick Fury.

Besides learning that little tidbit, I'm not sure that I gained a whole lot more insight into the character through James Robinson's Nick Fury: Deep-Cover Capers. Not that I still didn't enjoy reading it. Most impressive was the art by ACO, easily some of the most inventive art I've seen in a superhero comic in some time. With huge 60s pop art flourishes, and coloured in bold neon colours by Rachelle Rosenberg, it's the best kind of eye-candy and well-suited for a globe-trotting spy thriller. I think some critics would suggest that the art is too distracting for the story, and they wouldn't be wrong if they said the flow is sometimes confusing, but it's all so entertaining.

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