Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Reader's Diary #1746- Salva Rubio (writer), Efa (art): Monet, Iterant of Light

Monet is not an artist that I'd been particularly drawn to before and to be honest I've forgotten how Salva Rubio and Efa's graphic novel biography wound up on my tbr pile. In any case, I'm glad that it did and I do have a newfound appreciation for Monet and his paintings.

I also learned a lot about impressionism which I didn't know before (or have long since forgotten), and I found the obsession with light over form quite intriguing, including that fact that this was such a novel concept before Monet and his peers.

Almost as fascinating was a look into the culture of French artists in the 1800s.

Rubio's treatment reads smoothly, like a novel rather than a textbook, and Efa's art is gorgeous, working in scenes from Monet's paintings seamlessly. An appendix at the end shows the original paintings many panels were based upon and clarifies some of the liberties that Rubio had to take for the sake of storytelling.

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