Thursday, March 01, 2018

Reader's Diary #1748- Sina Grace (writer), Alessandro Vitti (artist): Iceman Thawing Out Vol. 1

Iceman, until recently, hasn't been the most respected X-Men character, but last year he was making headlines and starred in a critically acclaimed series that even drew attention from outside typical comic circles. Largely this was because the series dealt with the character finally coming out.

Iceman is not the first gay superhero, not even for Marvel (Canada's own Northstar got married to another man all the way back in 2012), but he is one of the better known characters. Plus, while it's nice to have comics where being gay is just another character fact, coming-out stories are still important.

Interesting about the X-Men is that their story about being accepted/ not accepted for who they are has often been used as a parable for the LGBTQ community. In this series, Iceman has to deal with both prejudices. He now needs to come out to parents who already don't accept him for being mutant.

Not having lived such an experience, I can't say that the story would read as sensitive or authentic to someone who has, as an adult, come out to his parents. (I have since read though that Grace himself is gay, so I am thankful that Marvel chose a writer that would at least have a clue as to what he's talking about.) It felt real in any case. Well, the non-superhero parts anyway. Not that the superhero parts weren't welcomed; they provided a good reminder that everyone has value and worth regardless and not necessarily related to their sexual or gender identity, and they provided some more fun elements for what could have been too heavy of a story.

That all said, I really did not like the art. Specifically, the colouring looked like the original artwork was heavily spray painted over with a software program and the line work was re-added very poorly.

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