Sunday, April 08, 2018

Reader's Diary #1786- Sholly Fisch (writer), Igor Lima (illustrator): Mighty Mouse Saving the Day

I have vague recollections of Mighty Mouse cartoons as a kid and of the Andy Kaufman bit with the theme song, but otherwise not a lot of knowledge of the character. Still, I kind of love that no comic or cartoon ever seems to die thanks to Dynamite and others. Interesting tidbit, at one point Marvel Comics used to produce Mighty Mouse comics. (The thought of a Howard the Duck / Mighty Mouse comic amuses me to no end.)

Mighty Mouse Saving the Day is pretty juvenile fare. It involves a young boy, a victim of bullying, who accidentally wishes his favourite cartoon character into existence. Mighty Mouse must help the boy while also figuring a way to get back home (his familiar cartoon world of Mouseville) to stop an alien invasion. Its very mildly violence, its squeaky-clean humour, but still entertaining story would make the comic a very good introduction to superhero comics and one wouldn't require a lot of familiarity with the old cartoon.

Oddly the publishers have chosen their own rating system listing the book as "A" for "Appropriate for All Readers." I don't know about you but if I see a giant A rating on a book, I immediately think "Adult."

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