Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Reader's Diary #1789- Various writers and artists: Tales from the Crypt

Growing up, I'd seen the old Crypt Keeper character from Tales from the Crypt and heard many references to the old comics but never actually read any of them. I just couldn't find them anywhere and it bugged me to know end. The cheesy puns, the horror? This would have been right up my alley.

So when Super Genius Comics revived the series last year I was excited if not a little skeptical. What if they weren't as good? And how could I compare if I've never read the originals? Smartly, in this collection they include two classic stories, and I can say with confidence that the new stories felt very similar. More importantly, they're what my ten-year old self had imagined they would be.

The new ones did incorporate modern things (selfies, for instance), but they all hit the same notes as the old stories. Typically a bad guy creates mayhem and then gets his/her just ironic desserts. There are gross and outrageous scenes but the edge of the stories are dulled (intentionally) with a cartoon wisecracking narrator.

Despite having a range of writers and artists, they were all pretty consistent with one another in terms of style.

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