Sunday, April 15, 2018

Reader's Diary #1793- Sina Grace: Nothing Lasts Forever

My introduction to Sina Grace came with his run on Marvel's Iceman. I adored his writing but wasn't overly enthused with the artwork (which Grace did not do). It was enough that I wanted to explore his work further, bringing me to last year's Nothing Last Forever, one of his memoir comics.

I'm not sure if it's an accurate depiction (is there such a thing?) but he comes across as a mildly neurotic but endearing, funny guy. He suffers from writer's block and depression and wants to find true love, or at least a definition that works for him. When he's on a high, he name drops and appreciates his blessings, when he's low he worries about his career, aging gracefully, his appearance, and his health.

Is it self-obsessed? Well, yes,  it's a memoir after all. But his earnest attempts to be honest, flattering or unflattering as that may be, makes it all tolerable. Of course, it helps that his life is interesting and unconventional to those of us not in the arts.

In a brief note at the front Grace states that as a journal entry the sketches are bit purposefully rough. It's still quite good. My only issue is that the text often appears to have been done with a dull pencil and sometimes difficult to read.

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