Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Reader's Diary #1802- Kelly Thompson (writer), Sophie Campbell (artist): Jem and The Holograms 1 Showtime

I unashamedly admit to loving the Jem and the Holograms cartoon back in the 80s. This doesn't, unfortunately, mean that it was necessarily any good or that it would hold up today.

I think it helped that writer Kelly Thompson came to the project with similar skepticism referring to nostalgia as being the "greatest strength and the greatest weakness." She sought to capture the history and essence of the old show, while giving it modern sensibilities and just plain make it good!

I'd say the comic was a smashing success. She gets the origin story out of the way almost immediately, keeps the characters of old including the hologram creating earrings and Synergy (a notable failure by the live action movie adaptation a few years back). The stories are fun, mostly light with some hints of deeper meaning, and the art is bright and pink and full of movement. I'm not entirely sure that the song sequences were captured well, though I'm also not sure how that would have succeeded in such a change in medium.

I loved the modern takes especially, with the social media presence now a factor, with a member of the Holograms and of their rivals the Misfits falling in love, and with the more realistic and varied body shapes.

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