Friday, May 04, 2018

Reader's Diary #1813- Ivy Noelle Weir (writer), Steenz (artist): Archival Quality

Archival Quality is wonderful graphic novel that combines a traditional ghost story with themes of friendship and mental illness. I'm skeptical, however, that it will find an audience.

Despite loving being a librarian, even I think that title is off-putting. The abundance of brown on the cover also looks a bit dull. Yes, there's a skull and a ghost, but is it enough? The images too are a bit on the juvenile side. I actually quite enjoyed Steenz's art throughout and it reminded me somewhat of  Faith Erin Hickes or Vera Brosgol. These are both stellar comparisons, of course, but they also write more for children or young adults. The way mental health and employment is dealt with in this book though? I think adults would appreciate it more.

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