Thursday, May 10, 2018

Reader's Diary #1819- Grant Morrison (writer), Jae Lee (artist): Fantastic Four 1234

Fantastic Four: 1234 is my 3rd time reading a book by Grant Morrison, the previous books being All-Star Superman and Multiversity. Unfortunately, I'd say Fantastic Four: 1234 had none of the positives of the former and all of the problems of the latter.

After watching Hollywood botch Superman in recent years with out of place grittiness, it was great to see Morrison find a way to lighten up the character, remain true to the roots, without being campy. But the Fantastic Four have also been botched with grittiness and this time I think Morrison has been as guilty as Hollywood.

And, as I complained with Multiversity, it's one thing to be creative, it's quite another to be confusing and while 1234 isn't as "out there" as Multiversity, I think some editing would have helped remedy some of the more confusing aspects.

Jae Lee's art was great though. It's gritty, which as I've stated above is an issue, but he can hardly be blamed for complementing the writer's depressing story.

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