Monday, May 14, 2018

Reader's Diary #1823- René Novella: Pythonesses

(This is a pre-written post scheduled to appear while I am vacationing in Italy, the Vatican, San Marino, and Monaco.)

Though the website on which René Novella's "Pythonesses" refers to it as a short story, I'm not sure in hindsight that it fits my own definition of that form. For one, it appears to be nonfiction and, while passing no judgement, I think short stories are fictional. Secondly, it's so brief and so unresolved, it would barely even meet flash fiction criteria.

Whatever it is, I nonetheless enjoyed this reminiscent tale about how two very different woman described the narrator in very different terms as a child, one positive, one negative. The voice is strong and you can tell with his subtle self-deprecation that he's chosen to believe the negative.

Why? I wish I knew.

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