Friday, May 18, 2018

Reader's Diary #1827- Mark Waid (writer), Alex Ross (artist): Kingdom Come

I recently read Kurt Busiek's Marvels and was blown away by Alex Ross's artwork so went seeking more, landing on Mark Waid's Kingdom Come originally written in 1996.

I wasn't as blown away this time. Ross's talent is still remarkable here; his lighting is unbelievable and his style with gouache paint lends a seriousness and respectability to a story with literary intentions.

But I'm less convinced about those literary intentions. I feel that Mark Waid circled around heavy, important themes but never quite landed on them. Or they were lost in a muddled story. It involves a aged and retired Justice League in a world that has now been overrun with new heroes with questionable values and methods. While taking on the newcomers, it's implied that the original characters were somehow responsible for this new state of affairs in the first place.

I feel like it could be a parable for the power passing from one generation to the next but I'd have to read it again to see if that works.

Because of the plethora of characters and busy plot, it was harder for me to attend to Ross's art.

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