Thursday, May 31, 2018

Reader's Diary #1834- Carlo Collodi: Pinocchio

When I was a child, I quite enjoyed Pinocchio. I liked the Disney version and I can also vividly recall a Pinocchio pop-up book (especially a rather terrifying snake). Then I saw that Disney film again as an adult and found the story to be an erratic mess. I think some stories can be enjoyed by any age but to me Pinocchio is a child's story only. It's an adventure story that tries to squeeze as many adventures in as possible, regardless of how nonsensical or plausible it all becomes.

But while in Italy and seeing all the Pinocchio souvenirs available, I thought it was great that they'd still be proud of their classic children's literature character- much in the way, I suppose, Anne of Green Gables is still popular in Canada. I decided to finally read the original story.

This is not the Disney version. While some plot lines are familiar, others are not (Pinocchio accidentally kills the cricket off with a shoe early on). But the biggest difference I think is the personality of Pinocchio. Here he's pretty stupid, doesn't heed anyone's good advice, and tends to take folks for granted. He gets in a lot of trouble accordingly but it's hard to muster any sympathy.

Still the adventure element is still there and it's told in a jokey tone that I'm sure kids of today would still appreciate.

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