Monday, June 25, 2018

Reader's Diary #1855- Augusto Monterroso: The Dinosaur

In this link, NPR host Lynn Neary talks to Edgar O'Hara, a professor, about why Augusto Monterroso's single sentence "The Dinosaur" is in fact, a short story.

First off, in the text of the article it refers to "The Dinosaur" as the shortest story in the history of literature. I've always heard that Hemingway's "Baby Shoes" took that title, but regardless I was curious to hear O'Hara's case.

I don't know that I'm entirely convinced at the end, but I also don't care that much. It is, in any case, a compelling sentence that may make a provocative point about the life of literary characters.

Finally, I gather from O'Hara's explanation that something may have been lost in the translation as he talks about "dreams" but the English version of the sentence simply implies sleeping.

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