Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Reader's Diary #1861- Joshua Corin (writer), Todd Nauck (artist): Deadpool Too Soon?

I'm not always a fan of Deadpool. What some view as freeing (that he can be R rated or higher) I think has actually worked against the character at times (mostly because sometimes the edgy humour feels forced, but to a lesser extent, sometimes he's just hard to root for).

In Deadpool Too Soon? though I feel that Joshua Corin struck the right balance. The story involves Deadpool inviting those Marvel characters he considers friends (incidentally, the more humorous ones: Forbush Man, Squirrel Girl, Groot, Rocket, Ant-Man, Spider-Ham, Howard the Duck and... er, the Punisher) over to his house to pose for a Christmas card (see, likeable!). Unfortunately, one by one the characters keep getting mysteriously murdered, decapitated to be precise. Deadpool sets out to solve the case, hoping to rescue whomever remains. And, while there's obviously dark humour, it doesn't get in the way of what is a surprisingly engaging murder mystery.

As an added bonus, Corin creates the unholy Squirrel Girl / Deadpool union: Squirrel Pool. Having the two of them together in the first place is always good for a chuckle (the two brands of comedy -- one being squeaky clean, the other... not so much) so the hybrid just ups the ante in a weird, should-be-more-unsettling-than-it was way.

Todd Nauck does an admirable job capturing the likenesses of each character in their more well-known appearances but blending them just enough so that the book feels like they belong together.

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