Thursday, July 05, 2018

Reader's Diary #1862- Thornton Wilder: Our Town

Though Thornton Wilder's Our Town seems on the surface like a rather simple, rather uneventful little play, I suspect there's more going on.

I was quite taken with the idea of the stage manager as narrator and with the almost complete lack of props. In this regard it's like Wilder didn't want us to ever forget it was just a play. On the other hand, it's "our" town, not "your" or "their" town and he also seems to suggest that this could be anywhere, reclaiming some of the realism after all.

And that push and pull, I think, comes together in the end when a deceased character, despite warnings, tries living a day over again realizing that she cannot.

I found myself wondering: which is the facade, our memories or our day to day lives?

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