Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Reader's Diary #1864- Kalman Andrasofszky (writer), Leonard Kirk (artist): Captain Canuck Aleph

I really want to like Captain Canuck but cannot get behind the character at all. I found the original by Richard Comely to be really really cheesy and poorly done, even compared to other superhero comics of the time which were themselves cheesy.

Still, I've seen loads of those other creations salvaged by newer writers and artists, so I held out hope that Kalman Andrasofsky and Leonard Kirk could revamp Comely's old work into something finally cool.

Alas, it's all just marginally better. It's less cheesy (though the villain is a bit of an unbelievable moustache twirler) and the Canadian settings are cool, but the story is convoluted and disjointed. Plus, Andrasofkszky focuses too much on peripheral characters for a reboot such as this and I thought the Captain himself got lost in mix.

Leonard Kirk's artwork is definitely 1000x better than Comely's but even then it's standard superhero fare, nothing overly inventive or exciting.

I think I'm giving up on this guy.


Brian Busby said...

I'm with you. Try as I might, I've never warmed to Captain Canuck. My twelve-year-old self knew enough to be impressed by the bold venture that was the first issue, and was mature enough to recognize the amateurish art and storyline. Still, I kept buying them when I saw them (when the next issue would appear was anyone's guess), but gave up in the early 'eighties.

The best I can say about Captain Canuck is that he's more interesting than Jonn.

John Mutford said...

I'm not alone!