Saturday, July 21, 2018

Reader's Diary #1872- Jeff Lemire (writer), Lewis Larosa and Mico Suayan (artists): Bloodshot Salvation The Book of Revenge Vol. 1

To state that no one writes dysfunctional families as well as Jeff Lemire is to not entirely capture what he does so well with said families. In Bloodshot Salvation: The Book of Revenge Vol. 1, and in loads of his other books, Lemire depicts a troubled family but one that at its core is strong. At least some family members love one another, they just tend to make bad mistakes, have to overcome extreme obstacles, and so forth. This is not the cynical look at dysfunction that most writers choose. Granted, there are some genuine villains.

Not having read any Bloodshot books before, I wasn't sure how accessible this would be. The nanite-enhanced ex-soldier has apparently been around since 1992. To be completely ignorant of such a long history, I was afraid I'd be confused. Again, Lemire also gets credit here. I got enough of the mythology and backstory to follow along easily and best of all, it was seamlessly worked in so that it didn't take away from an engaging and exciting  plot nor the complex characters.

Also great was the art by Lewis Larosa and Mico Suayan with colouring by Brian Reber.

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