Thursday, July 26, 2018

Reader's Diary #1876- Scott Adams: I Can't Remember If We're Cheap or Smart

Scott Adams is one of those who like to whine that their career took a downturn when they started supporting Trump. (Easy solution to that, I would think.) Still, not having paid any attention to Dilbert comic strips over the years, I wondered if his earlier work was any good. I like Kanye's earlier music, after all.

So, no.

There are about four basic punchlines possible for every Dilbert strip:
1. Businesses are crippled by bureaucracy
2. Upper management is greedy
3. Upper management is corrupt
4. Upper management is inept

While none of these are original ideas, a truly funny person could still manage to state them in clever or amusing ways. At best, one or two Dilbert strips in this collection made me smirk.

And when these are the only 4 Adams makes, it's even more perplexing that he's a Trump supporter. At best you might give Trump credit for cutting down on bureaucracy, but the rest?

The art is overly simple. I get that as they were originally found in newspapers, the quality would have to be less than a graphic novel where the artist is afforded more time. Plus, simplicity isn't always dumb or lazy (read How to Read Nancy). But when many of these feature a 2nd panel (of three) where the box outline of an office building is shown with a speech balloon emanating from it, I think it's safe to say Adams' lack of an Eisner Award has nothing to do with Trump.

Why did Dilbert ever bring Adams success then? Perhaps there was a lack of office-based comic strips. Perhaps some of y'all find this crap funny. Who am I to judge?

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