Monday, July 30, 2018

Reader's Diary #1878- Safia Moore: Turning Point

Perhaps with shades of Stephen Spielberg's AI, Safia Moore's short story "Turning Point" nonetheless takes a less common approach to AI in science fiction with an intelligent robot who doesn't want to take over, but rather simply to exist. It is curious about love while acknowledging that what it could experience and could convincingly give to a family would be a reasonable facsimile of love at best. It has worked out that its survival depends upon finding a family that will give it a chance and this is its escape story.

It's engaging with some thoughtful looks at what it means to love, to be family, and so on, though the ending is one of those up in the air deals and I'm as of yet undecided if it works as a single piece or if it feels more like the first chapter in an unprovided book.

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