Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Reader's Diary #1927- Catherine Lafferty: Northern Wildflower

Catherine Lafferty's Northern Wildflower is an inspiring memoir filled with engaging anecdotes and insight.

What really sets the book apart, however, is Lafferty's perseverance. A Dene woman, she was no stranger to racism and the effects of colonialism. On top of that, she admits also making some choices that in hindsight probably weren't the best. Still, she seemed to take such moments as opportunities to learn and always managed to rise above it all, most often with humour and positivity, while still calling upon and working toward systemic changes.

Such a memoir could only work if it's honest in detail and emotion and Lafferty does not hold back on either front.

Mahsi Cho to Catherine for bravely sharing her story.

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