Saturday, October 13, 2018

Reader's Diary #1930- Elise Gravel: The Mushroom Fan Club

I know that Elise Gravel's junior nonfiction book The Mushroom Fan Club was successful because ever since reading I feel the need to find my favourite mushroom.

It's easy to read, educational with bright, whimsical pictures, but the biggest strength is Gravel's enthusiasm for a topic most people don't even think about beyond "do you want them on your pizza or not?"

I do, however, have one stray, observation: everyone seems to classify it as a graphic novel. I think I have a pretty open idea of the term, but I wouldn't classify this as such anymore than I'd call a mushroom a plant. Yes, the fungi in Gravel's book have been given cartoon faces and yes, a few of them even have speech balloons, but that's about all it would have in common with a comic. The pictures aren't arranged in any necessary sequence and most illustrations simply complement a page of regular text. I suppose the classification hardly matters considering that I enjoyed it anyway, but just as I picked it up originally because I thought it was a graphic novel, there may be those who avoid it accordingly.

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