Saturday, November 10, 2018

Reader's Diary #1953- Tedd Arnold, Martha Hamilton, and Mitch Weiss: Noodleheads Find Something Fishy

Reading through Tedd Arnold, Martha Hamilton, and Mitch Weiss's Noodleheads Find Something Fishy, I found myself thinking at first that it wasn't the most original of books.

The Noodleheads, a pair of twin macaroni both called Mac, are sweet and inquisitive characters but profoundly stupid. They take things entirely too literally, come up with moronic solutions to simple problems, and inadvertently speak in puns. They reminded me of Amelia Bedelia and a slew of other such characters. When they marked an X on the side of their boat so they'd know where they saw a fish, however, I knew for sure I'd heard of that gag before. I supposed that a good many really young readers wouldn't have and might still find it funny, but it ate away at my respect for the writers.

Then, at the end, there are a couple of page of authors' notes that made me forgive everything. They credit these plots and situations to specific folk tales from around the world and even discuss the importance of stock "fool" characters. Would kids be interested in all of this? Maybe, maybe not, but it certainly helped elevate the project for me.

Art-wise, if you're familiar with Arnold's work on his Fly Guy series, it's pretty similar except in comic book form. Lines are thick and curvy, details are simple, but nonetheless it all does the trick.

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Adriana @ BooksOnHerMind said...

I knew I recognized the art on the cover! I don't know if kids will like this. Maybe first graders which his books seem to be marketed towards. I don't think I would like it but I'm not the audience.