Monday, December 31, 2018

My Year in Review 2018 - Fiction and Nonfiction

The FICTION ranked from least favourite to favouite: Novels, Novellas, Short Story Collections, Plays, Picture Books, and Poetry (Graphic Novels recorded separately):

33. Thomas Mann- Death in Venice
32. Herbert T. Schwarz- Tuktoyaktuk 2-3
31. Michelle Knudsen- The Evil Librarian
30. Edward Albee- Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
29. Cherie Priest- Agony House
28. Raymond Yakelaya- The Tree by the Woodpile
27. Moshe Sakal- The Diamond Setter
26. Tanya Davis - How to Be Alone
25. Rupi Kaur- Milk and Honey
24. Richard Van Camp- When We Play Our Drums, They Sing
23. Chief R. Stacey Laforme- Living in the Tall Grass
22. Rosemary Clewes- The Woman Who Went to the Moon
21. Rebecca Hendry- One Good Thing
20. Leanne Shirtliffe- Saving Thunder the Great
19. Tanya Tagaq- Split Tooth
18. Elle Wright- Touched by You
17. Mario Puzo- The Godfather
16. Geoffrey Chaucer- The Canterbury Tales
15. Terry Fallis- One Brother Shy
14. Dante Alighieri- The Divine Comedy
13. Carlo Collodi- Pinocchio
12. Monique Gray Smith- Lucy and Lola
11. Joanne Lilley- The Birthday Books
10. Louise Penny- A Fatal Grace
9. Thornton Wilder- Our Town
8. Tess Gerritsen- Playing with Fire
7. Alootook Ipellie- Arctic Dreams and Nightmares
6. Kenneth Oppel- Silverwing
5. Joseph Kesselring- Arsenic and Old Lace
4. Tom Rachman- The Italian Teacher
3. Joshua Whitehead- Full-Metal Indigiqueer
2. Kerry Clare- Mitzi Bites
1. Ethel Wilson- Swamp Angel

The NON-FICTION ranked from least favourite to favourite:

20. Stephen Elliott- Sometimes I Think About It
19. Niccolo Maciavelli- The Prince
18. Steve Jenkins, Derek Walter, and Caprice Crane- Happily Ever Esther
17. Frederic Wertham- Seduction of the Innocent
16. Laura Sarkadi- Voice in the Wild
15. Ian Lendler- One Day a Dot
14. Elise Gravel- The Mushroom Fan Club
13. Bill Braden- Aurora Up!
12. Libby Whittall Catling- The Mundane and the Holy
11. Christian Klengenberg- Klengenberg of the Arctic
10. Catherine Lafferty- Northern Wildflower
9. Bev Sellars- They Called Me Number One
8. Jordin Tootoo- All the Way
7. Dave Bidini- Midnight Light
6. Alison McCreesh- Norths
5. Sean Howe- Marvel Comics: The Untold Story
4. Sharon Butala- Where I Live Now
3. Roxane Gay- Hunger
2. James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales- Live from New York
1. Angela Hovak Johnston- Reawakening Our Ancestors' Lines

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