Sunday, December 02, 2018

Reader's Diary #1973- Jacqueline Jules (writer), Dave Roman (illustrator): Pluto is Peeved!

I remember in my first few years teaching being informed by a student that there was no longer a dinosaur referred to as a brontosaurus. Somehow what I'd learned as a kid had changed and it completely slipped by me. Fortunately I was paying attention when the designation of Pluto had changed and it was no longer considered a planet. Many people, however, never understood why or have forgotten the rationale. Jacqueline Jules and Dave Roman answer this question and more in a child friendly comic book approach that shows how science evolves over time as new discoveries are made. While Pluto is the anthropomorphic star of the book, the brontosaurus I mentioned above also makes an appearance.

The artwork is simple and eye-catching with nice bright colours.

One small bone of contention is that the answer to the question as to why Pluto is no longer considered a planet is not fully explained until the textual notes at the back of the book. In the comic book portion, it is explained that as a conference in 2006 some astronomers developed new criteria for what constitutes a planet, but they skip over which criteria Pluto failed to meet until the end notes which may be skipped over by lots of readers.

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