Friday, December 07, 2018

Reader's Diary #1978- Sergio Ruzzier: Fox + Chick The Party and Other Stories

Sergio Ruzzier's Fox + Chick: The Party is an odd collection of 3 comics concerning a pair of friends known simply as Fox and Chick. The entire book is just 45 pages and formatted more to look like a traditional picture book, though it has panels and speech balloons.

What makes it odd though is the stiff dialogue and stories that just feel a little... off. In the first one for instance, Chick asks to use Fox's bathroom and doesn't come back out. When Fox checks on him, it turns out that Chick has invited his friends in through the bathroom window for a party.

The whole thing, the art and dialogue, feels old fashioned in a way. I wonder of some of this is cultural as Ruzzier originally hails from Italy.

Quirkiness aside, it was cute and amusing.

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