Friday, December 21, 2018

Reader's Diary #1990- Brenna Thummler: Sheets

I quite enjoyed the Anne of Green Gables graphic novel adaptation drawn by Brenna Thummler so was curious how I'd enjoy an original book conceived, written, and drawn solely by her.

Sheets is about a world where ghosts exist and dress in sheets, knowing that if they're caught they'd likely just be passed off as kids dressed for Halloween. Good premise. It also revolves around a living teenage girl who is struggling to keep the family laundromat afloat since her mom has died and her father has spiraled into depression. Eventually she meets and befriends one of the ghosts.

All that is great, but it really fell apart at the end for me. The story concluded too conveniently, too quickly, and with some loose or, at the very least, under-developed threads.

Like in Anne of Green Gables, the art is strong but I imagine polarizing. It's very unique. She paints some beautiful backdrops, seeps to have a penchant for long flowy lines and texture, but there are some odd style choices. In this one, I found the weird mouth shapes quite distracting.

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