Saturday, December 22, 2018

Reader's Diary #1991- Sebastian Kadlecik (writer), Emma Steinkellner (artist): Quince Vol. 1

It took me a while to warm to Sebastian Kadlecik and Emma Steinkellner's Quince Vol. 1. An origin story of a teenage superhero, I wasn't finding it terribly original.

Maybe it was Lupe, the superhero in question; her personality, her voice, that first hooked me. She was just so darned likeable. And I began to realize that yes, I'd seen a lot of it done before, I still hadn't seen it done often enough. We can stand a lot more larger, non-American, people of colour superheroes.

The art though never did win me over. I found the backdrops in particular very sparse in detail, or even blank altogether. It was bright and colourful at least.

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