Sunday, December 30, 2018

Reader's Diary #1997- Zun (writer), Moe Harukawa (artist): Forbidden Scrollery 1

For some reason I've found the past few manga books I've read to be confusing and oddly, I believe the biggest problem comes from too much left out in the gutters. When the scenes changed, there too often seemed to information missing to help readers follow. Imagine cutting out every other or every third paragraph in a regular book and expecting to understand what's going on.

I at least got the gist of the premise of Zun's Forbidden Scrollery 1; it's set in a book store that carries a lot of books with magical properties, but the plots themselves are a mess and the characters all seem to blend together.

Moe Harukawa's art at least is a step up from the last manga I read, with occasional glimpses of some lovely outdoor scenery, but they are too few and certainly not enough to salvage the book.

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