Sunday, December 30, 2018

Reader's Diary #1998- Nate Evans (writer) and Vince Evans (artist): Tyrannosaurus Ralph

I'm certainly not finishing the year off on a high note with most graphic novels I'm finishing being complete duds. Nate Evans and Vince Evans' Tyrannosaurus Ralph is no exception.

It feels like someone sat down and said, you know what boys like? Dinosaurs, aliens, and fighting. Let's write that. Easy dough.

When it began there was a bully introduced and I though this theme would carry through out. And while it does get mentioned here or there again, it too began to feel contrived. Mention bullying a bit so schools will buy it but don't really have anything to say on the matter.

It's about a boy who gets turned into a t-Rex by a mad-scientist who needs him to fight off aliens in a gladiator-style competition. Oh and if he wins, he also saves a girl from being a slave/bride. Let's add casual sexism to the issues.

The art was marginally better with some fun alien designs. However, the mad-scientist guy was exceptionally odd and always drawn with an angry expression on his face, even when he's not meant to be angry, even when he's being supportive; it was very jarring.

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