Monday, March 11, 2019

Reader's Diary #2016- Hugh Behm-Steinberg: Taylor Swift

Hugh Behm-Steinberg's flash fiction "Taylor Swift" is quirky and funny, no doubt about it. It's based on a world where people can online order clones of Taylor Swift to be delivered right to their door. Many people have a few Swifts knocking about, some of whom are used as servants, some for sex, some for entertainment.

Underneath it all though there's a sinister statement about fame and one's transition from person to product, about how we're all guilty of this to some extent. I found myself wondering what Swift herself would think. Some people love marketing themselves, some regret the loss of privacy that arises while pursuing their art as a business. Of course, Behm-Steinberg isn't the first to philosophize about the situation (arguably this was the point of Kanye West's Famous video which also featured Swift) but it has to be one of the more amusing takes.

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