Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Reader's Diary #2025- Gail MacMillan: Ghost of Winters Past

I've not read a lot of romance, a few more lately perhaps, but still not a lot. So I'm still not in a place to really know: are romance books supposed to be cheesy? Are they usually? And if so, is that part of the fun? I can get behind that. Characters and situations in Gail MacMillan's Ghost of Winters Past are a little over the top. The villains are villains, plot contrivances abound,  the couple who disdain each other at first come to fall for each other by the end, and it's all rather soap operaish (if soap operas were set in the wilderness of New Brunswick). I can respect this being someone's thing. It's entertaining and there are even themes of higher significance if one cared to look (toxic masculinity, for example).

For the most part then, I went with the flow. But this is not to say I enjoyed everything. My largest issue was with the bizarre introduction of a helpful First Nations ghost at the beginning and end of the book. I say bizarre because it uses an unfortunate trope (the ancient, magical "Indian") and is wholly unnecessary to the plot.

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