Thursday, May 23, 2019

Reader's Diary #2033- Various Writers and Artists: Captain Britain Legacy of a Legend

Always up to explore different Marvel Comics characters, I was especially interested to finally read some Captain Britain comics after a brief mention of (Brian) Braddock in Avengers: Endgame has led some to include that a Captain Britain movie may be in the cards.

From a movie writer's point of view, it's probably an exciting task given that the character, at least according to this collection, has been pretty ill-defined. A scriptwriter would have almost free reign.

But for a new reader, I don't feel that I have much sense of who he is. His origin story involves having his power handed down from Merlyn and his daughter Roma, and in that regard I thought of him more of a Thor or Hercules type character, largely inspired by cultural legends than of a Captain America character.

But not many of the stories capitalized on that great old mythology. The earliest stories here seem him fighting alongside Spider-Man inside of a villain's life-sized pinball machine. The dialogue is atrociously bad, narrating all of the action, but I suppose it's fun in a cheesy way. Then there's a series of black and white comics that do explore the realm of dragons and elves and whatnot, but then it goes into Alan Moore's run on the character. I know these issues have their fans and they're not terrible (a lot of Doctor Strange, Adam Warlock kind of psychedelia) but somewhat hard to follow and further disjointing just what the heck this character is all about.

But give him the big screen treatment and you can be sure that I'll be lining up.

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