Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Reader's Diary #2042- Jeff Parker, Michael Moreci (writers), Dan Parent (artist): Archie Meets Batman '66

I'm still holding out for a Batman '66/Wonder Woman '77/ Superman '78 (with Christopher Reeve) crossover, but in the meantime an Archie/Batman '66 is a pretty good fit too considering that the Archie gang was quite popular at the time. (There's a reference to their "Sugar, Sugar hit from the era.)

As crossovers go, it's pretty good. There's no traveling to an alternate dimension nonsense and both franchises get equitable treatment. Batman's rogues gallery decide they've had enough of their plans being thwarted in Gotham City and set their sites on Riverdale instead. Of course, villains don't always think things through and of course, Batman (along with Robin, Batgirl, and Alfred) just head on over to Riverdale as well. But with the adults in town being under the sinister Siren's spell, Batman needs to recruit Archie's gang to lend a hand.

The writing feels like typical Batman '66 while the art is reminiscent of Archie comics. And as both rely on a lot of puns and slapstick, it meshes quite well.

Best of all, there's a set-up for a sequel, likely to be set in Gotham City the next time around.

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