Friday, June 21, 2019

Reader's Diary #2047- Daniel Kibbelsmith (writer), Ricardo Lopez Ortiz (artist): Black Panther Vs. Deadpool

Just a couple of days ago I wrote about a Squirrel Girl/ Ms. Marvel team-up and about how it worked so well because they offered balance to one another; Squirrel Girl could use a little more seriousness, Ms. Marvel could use more fun. A Deadpool / Black Panther pairing should take that idea to its extreme.

Of course, the "vs." in the title tells you up-front that it isn't a love-in. Black Panther clearly has little patience for Deadpool. However, they do team up do defeat Jack O' Lantern in Wakanda. As Deadpool himself points out, this is par for the course in such a crossover: two heroes hate each other at first but then must put their differences aside in order to defeat a common enemy.

It's funny, definitely falling more in line with a Deadpool comic than a Black Panther comic, and not without its charm. The art took me a while to appreciate. I do like when a superhero comic doesn't look like all the other superhero comics, but Ortiz's character work is scratchy and exaggerated almost to the point of grotesque. However, it also adds energy and humour, so complements the story well.

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