Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Reader's Diary #2045- Devin Grayson, Ryan North, G. Willow Wilson (writers), various artists: Marvel Rising

A fan of both Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl, I was pleased to see that they were teamed up in Marvel Rising, even better that G. Willow Wilson and Ryan North were on board as those two writers are the reason those two characters are so beloved.

It's a great balance too as Squirrel Girl is often over the top funny but could use more serious action, while Ms. Marvel often falls the other way. While this volume is more aimed at younger readers perhaps, it's still a fun romp for us old folks and I was happy to see Arcade appear as as a villain as I'd only just encountered him for the first time a short while ago in an old Captain Britain comic.

I did find myself thinking more about Ms. Marvel as a character than I had previously. Perhaps it's because there are a few rumours floating around about her appearing in an upcoming MCU movie, just after Marvel Studios has reclaimed the rights to the Fantastic Four, that I've taken note that she doesn't have any unique abilities. She can stretch? That's sort of Mr. Fantastic's thing. She can get big? That's Ant-Man's. But I suppose there are other MCU characters that have the same powers (Thor, Captain America, and the Hulk all have brute strength), so it's still possible to co-exist.

I also found myself thinking about the role of actual religions in a Marvel universe. It's odd to think about that this time around as Ms. Marvel's Muslim identity isn't focused on at all in this particular book like it was in some of the solo books I read, but I don't know how a character in that role can believe in the same Gods as they do in the real world, considering that universe has their own. The same thing goes for Daredevil and his Catholicism.

None of these thoughts are to suggest that the book didn't hold my attention, just that when I put it down I was thinking more about the characters than the plot.

Art-wise, it's a bit inconsistent which is not surprising considering that different artists were involved, but all did manage to infuse a lot of humour and youthful energy.

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Loni said...

This is a book I HAVE to read. Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel together! I also enjoy characters that stay with me, even after I've put the book down.