Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Reader's Diary #2087- C.S. Pacat (writer), Johanna the Mad (artist): Fence Volume One

One volume down but I'm still on the fence about C.S. Pacat's Fence. Mostly though I'm leaning toward positive.

I liked that it was about fencing, a totally unfamiliar (and unexpected) sport, I liked that queer was the norm, I liked the heavily manga influenced art. I haven't, however, been won over by the characters yet and those, so far, seemed cliched. In this first volume we see a rivalry set up between Nicholas, a poor but ambitious fencing student and the arrogant Seiji, who's unfortunately and remarkably good at fencing. One saving grace here is the mystery as to why Seiji is found at Kings Row, a school without a great fencing reputation.

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