Monday, October 21, 2019

Reader's Diary #2093- Cathy Ulrich: The Ghost of a Very Small Thing

I came across Cathy Ulrich's "The Ghost of a Very Small Thing" on Lunate, a website specializing in "Flash fiction. Short stories. Poetry. Scares." and while it looked on the surface like a piece of flash fiction, after reading it I wasn't sure if it intended to flash fiction or perhaps prose poetry. Not really relying on hard and fast definitions as much as personal connotations. Poetry tends to be less accessible than flash fiction. After a few more reads (the beauty of flash fiction) I found it more accessible than I had initially and I'm more comfortable that it's flash fiction, though it certainly has  a poet's touch with Ulrich's strong use of imagery.

The title is apt as it captures the slight hint of something wrong. Perhaps there's something supernatural at play, perhaps not, and do I sense something just a bit off in the described relationship?

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